It is said that being a cartographer in the East Marches is nigh impossible. Just as the ink on the map has dried, reports start to come in that a certain location has changed significantly. That is why early maps of the East Marches limited themselves to broad sketches of geographical features. A brave gnome, son of council member Largo, has taken it upon himself to create a temporary map. At least this way adventurers know what COULD be out there.

Map of the East Marches

Map of the East Marches

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This large walled city is an interesting mix of old and new. While it got resettled only fifty years ago, a lot of the buildings are built on the ruins of the old City of Hope. The only structure still standing from before is the giant white stone tower in the center of town.

What are the must-sees for a visitor of Brighthaven?

  • The Adventurers' Guild building
  • The Brighthaven Library
  • The Black Clover Inn tavern
  • The temple of Throsinde, one of the few buildings left standing from the city of hope. An ancient temple made out of white stone 
  • The temple of Illyar, located in the library of one of its many side rooms only those skilled enough in how library indexes work are able to find the temple located between the books.
  • The temple of Minae. Surrounded by forges is the temple of the forge father. It always smells of fire and smoke and decorated by metal statue’s
  • The temple of Relthor. A giant circus tent just out of town. While a normal circus tent has two colors, every stripe of this tent is a different color. Outside you will often find performers practicing.
  • The temple of Leleni. In its main brightly lit room there are always people on hushed tones discussing the law. There are courtrooms to all sides, varying from smaller courts where land disputes are settled to the high court where matters of life and death are decided.
  • Temple of Khuzoin, When brighthaven got rebuild they build the bank. It is decorated with a lavish amount of gold and gems.


A small walled city with a vibrant harbor district from where trade goods get dispersed to neighboring towns. On the central plaza you will find the tavern, the church to Azare and the mayor’s office.

What are the tourist attractions?

  • The Gilded Dawn tavern
  • The temple of Azare, recently rebuilt, is a building designed to feel homely with a large fire in the middle to share drinks around.
  • The temple of Flosspia, an unassuming building surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. 
  • The temple of As’lar, a large gothic church that is on an east/west axis and has a giant stained glass window symbolizing the sun on both ends. Which get illuminated both at dawn and dusk.
  • The temple of Kirilish, a brightly colored theatre on the town square. The inside is filled with colorful drapes that allow the actors to move around and create illusions without being seen. It is heralded as one of the best places to watch a show.

Adventurers’ Rest

This small village lies in the fork of the river and is the final stop for most of the river barges. 

What should any visitor see?

  • The Sunny Side Up Inn, the largest building in adventurer's rest here you can find respite and a simple but very tasteful meal.
  • The shrine to Nzatre, just like the rest of Adventurers’ Rest, is a rough wood log building with wood carved statues. There are shrines dedicated to fallen adventurers here and a graveyard in the back.
  • The shrine to Mermellash, at the fork in the river stands a temple.
  • An ancient shrine to the Otter god of the River, built from rough stone it predates the founding of adventurers’ rest.
  • The shrine to Xille is located half a day’s travel northeast of Adventurers’ Rest. It is a ruined building overgrown with plantlife where dryads, sprites, satyrs and other fey come to hang out.


This heavily fortified town lies in the middle of the valley that leads to the only passable part of the western mountains. 

What to see while you are in Kuth?

  • The Divine Line Inn is a reasonably clean establishment with a proprietor who is usually straddling the divine line between drunk and sober.
  • The temple to Iureva, housed in a grand imposing gothic church. In the back are rooms dedicated to dealings, one can purchase favors, get loans, and whatever one would need but ... buyer beware
  • The temple to Mintae - this is a large building with forges in the back. The building is in perpetual change as the priests change their mind about how it should look.
  • The temple of Kirilish. This temple, whose entrance is found in one of Kuth’s many alleys, is not a place one stumbles upon. Visitors are introduced to it. The inside is filled with dark-colored curtains. These curtains trick the eyes into thinking the room is much bigger, and they muffle all the whispers and sounds of people stealthily approaching.