The Brighthaven East Marches is a shared campaign, set in a unique continent we have created in the past two years:

  • Players are playing one-shots, but their character sticks with them and levels up through playing.
  • There is no regular game time or time slot. Each session is organised on the fly.
  • Players may decide where they wish to go and what they wish to do, and then find a DM to set up and run the game for them.
  • There is no regular party or group; each session has the potential to have different players from a large pool of potential players.
  • The players decide what to do and where to go. The setting is – in essence – a giant sandbox.

The East Marches setting

With over 10 very active DMs we organize over 15 one-shots a month, all taking place in that one shared universe. 

  • Our setting focuses on a few hubs (Brighthaven, Adventurers’ Rest, Kuth and Willemsfield) and the players’ explorations going outwards from these places. Brighthaven, the capital, is a newly established bulwark of civilisation in an otherwise unrelentingly hostile and foreign environment.
  • The hubs are at the frontier of the unknown. New lands to be discovered, new people to meet, and new monsters to fight – or run away from. A desire to discover and explore lies at the heart of our games.
  • The hubs are Safe, capital ‘S’. These places are where all adventures end and where weary adventurers can rest their heads and feet without fear of being killed in their sleep, or burgled as they have a drink at the local tavern.
  • Everything surrounding the hubs is Unsafe – also capitalised as you can see – and is considered dangerous and strange, if not downright scary. Anyone setting foot outside is considered fair game for the ruthless predators lying in wait just outside of its borders. Whether those predators are monsters, or your fellow humanoid, or something else entirely… That’s for those daring enough to venture forth to find out.
  • Four times a year there is a threat or challenge that our players must meet. These so-called seasons last for 3 months. All our one-shots will tie into the season in one way or another.

Would you like to play in the East Marches? Awesome. It is easy, we promise. Just create a character using the The Rules, go Shopping, study the Maps and Locations and their History and finally, head over to Meetup and join a game! If you have any questions, feel free to ask around in our Discord. Hope to see you at the table soon!

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