The following shops are available in Brighthaven. Adventurers can shop here for spells, potions and items. Also keep an eye on the Season updates as new temporary shops come and go!

The Northern Market

The Northern Market in Brighthaven sets up early every day, ready to receive drones of Brighthavians for their daily shopping and specialty purchases. Together, the stalls and shops carry all gear on pages 145-154 in the player handbook at the prices listed there, except potions. Those can be purchased at "The Friendly Fiends'".

The Friendly Fiends' Fine Potions and Elixirs

This small shop is located in the merchant district in Brighthaven, Fitting 4 people in it would be a tight squeeze. Sporadic shelves with not apparent pattern dot the walls displaying the common wares. The Proprietor, craftsman Amiable Honesty, a male, olive-skinned Tiefling with tall spiraling horns wearing fine clothing.

The Friendly Fiends' Fine Potions and Elixirs does not always have the same inventory, for as Amiable Honesty brews what he likes. The items listed below are always available alongside mundane items such as oil, perfume etc. Feel free to ask your DM about what other he has brewed prior to your adventure. 


Price in gp

Potion of healing


Potion of healing (greater)


Keoghtom’s healing ointment 2 doses


Iezor’s Magical Emporium

Iezor’s Magical Emporium is located in a fairly mundane looking building near town square - easily reachable but it always seems to be a detour to go there. The inside of this building always has the feel of an ancient dusty library, even though it lacks the books and dust. When you come in through the front door you find yourself in the (once) living room of this building where a giant counter now sits where deals are to be struck.

In this building (that seems unaffected by weather and other outside forces) lives what appears to be an ordinary man. Iezor, The Soul Forger, is a coatl that chooses to uphold a human appearance. His appearance, gender, and even race changes regularly so adventurers are never sure who or what greets them as the proprietor

The shop carries all spell components that have a gold cost listed in the spell description, except solid diamonds. On top of that Iezor offers a default inventory of magic items. If your desired item is not on the list, it is not a combat item (weapon, armor, etc) and it is not wildly expensive (less than 5000 GP), Iezor can create such items for adventurers on request. Ask your DM about it before your game starts.



price in gp

+1 Weapon/wand/staff/rod


Armor of gleaming

100 + price of the armor

Charlatans die


Cloak of billowing


Clothes of mending


Dread helm


Instrument of illusions


Heward’s handy spice pouch


Cloak of many fashions


Pipe of smoke monsters


Orb of time


Staff of adornment


Staff of bird calls


Wand of pyrotechnics


Rope of mending



The Brighthaven Library

For those inclined into the arcane, spells from the first to the third circle are available in the Brighthaven Library. Anyone can enter the library and copy the spells into their tomes, or create spell scrolls. For the privilege of access to our books we humbly ask for a mandatory donation of 50 gold per level. Please do not forget to bring your own ink and other materials to learn the spell and copy it over.